Success Tracker
Here are all three tools you need to achieve your weight loss goal: body measurements chart, exercise tracker and meal tracker. 
Figure 8 Nutrition Book
Figure 8 is a complete weight loss system that gives you common nutrition and dietary tricks to help you to get your healthy body back. 

Achieving flat abs doesn’t have to be a difficult journey. You just need some basic knowledge about your body and nutrition, and the rest is easy! 

At Figure 8, we have helped thousands of people like you achieve the best bodies possible, and now we are here to help you turn your dreams into reality.
Figure 8 Fitness Book
Jaana has created a simple, proven fitness guide to help you to lose fat and get in shape. In this guide, Jaana shares her secret signature moves which are the foundation of the entire Figure 8 Training. 

You also will discover how easy it is to succeed in your weight loss goals. 
Figure 8 “Full Workout” Plan
Jaana has created an 8-week workout calendar where she has mapped out the training plan for you, day by day. 

The only thing you need to do is follow and rest is easy. Make sure you start with phase 1 first and achieve a solid foundation before you embark on the core cardio programs (phase 2). 
Figure 8 “Express Workout” Plan
This workout plan is for women who have been sedentary for quite some time and/or have extremely busy lifestyles. 

With this plan you will perform several short workouts throughout the day keeping your joints strong and muscles limber.
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